Super-Powerful Questions

By Eric Wenger   |   June 1, 2017

Recently, a friend asked me to reveal my favorite superpower.  I immediately told him my favorite is the climbing prowess of Spider-Man. 

Yes, I like the idea of being able to climb to tall places with incredible speed.  Even more than that, I think it would be awesome to have the expanded perspective that comes with viewing things from great heights.

My friend’s request not only got me thinking about Spider-Man’s superpowers, but it also reminded me that listening, which I addressed in my last article (click here to read), and open-ended questions are the “superpowers” of mission coaching.  When effective listening and powerful questions are used in tandem they help the person being coached view life with an expanded perspective from great heights, instead of staying grounded in the same place. 

Jesus, the God-man, employed listening and questioning perfectly.  On one occasion, He asked the disciples on the road to Emmaus, “What are you discussing together as you walk along?” (Luke 24:17a, NIV).  As you read the rest of the account, you will find out that Jesus’ question opened the door by God’s grace for the disciples to place their faith in Him as the resurrected Christ.  They responded by going with the Good News to many more people, instead of staying put in their state of uncertainty.

Jesus continues to work in the lives of His followers through the power of well-timed and well-stated questions.  One of my professors in college asked me a super powered question.  For years, people said to me, the pastor’s kid, “I know what you’re going to do when you grow up.”  I got tired of that statement and never really gave the topic much thought.  However, during my sophomore year a college professor asked, “What do you think about the possibility of becoming a pastor?”  God placed that professor in my life to ask a super powered question.  His question gave me opportunity to take a much bigger perspective on the idea of becoming a pastor, instead of sticking with my decision to ignore the topic. 

God works through powerful questions.  Christian servant leaders realize that truth, and they find good times to practice asking open-ended questions.  Mission coaches make it a priority to hone their skills so that they can grow in the ability to ask powerful questions.  Both know that good questions can become super powerful questions with Christ.

The C4USM can help you become an asker of super-powered questions through our Mission Coach Certification Training (MCCT).  The next MCCT is scheduled for August 24-25 in Austin, Texas.  You are invited!  Please register by June 30, 2017 on our website by clicking here.

Feel free to contact me to talk further about MCCT.  You can also e-mail me to request a C4USM mission coach.  Reach out to me at to find out more.  

God’s blessings as you ask super powerful questions!

Moment Extras

Questions for Discussion

1.  What is the most powerful question that another person has asked you?  How did that question challenge you to grow? 

2.  How well do you ask powerful, open-ended questions?

3.  What intentional and specific steps will you take to grow in your question asking skills? 

4.  How would becoming an asker of super powerful questions further your mission work?

5.  How could receiving coaching sharpen you as you reach out with the Good News?

6.  What are the potential benefits of you training as a mission coach for both you and the disciples that you are raising up to go on mission with Jesus?

7.  Challenge: Read Coaching Questions by Tony Stoltzfus (see below)

Resources You Can Use

     A Coach’s Guide to Powerful Asking Skills by Tony Stoltzfus.


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