What I'm Reading and Some Suggestions

By Peter Meier   |    February 15, 2018

When I hang out with my good friend, Dr. John Mayer, he has usually arrived at our meeting place ahead of me. Without fail, he has a book in his hands. He smiles and says, “Readers are Leaders.”

If you’re like me, you have a pile of books nearby which you want to get at when you have time. If you’re like me, time is a valuable commodity that doesn’t just show up. I’ve found that I have to be intentional about doing those things that I want to do, including reading. My reading list needs to include some “just for fun” books, as well as professional and work-related reading. When I travel, or when I grab some time before or after supper, I always have one or two or more books I’m reading.

I’ve made a goal this year to not only read, but to share some of what I’m reading. I am sharing a partial list below of recommended mission reading for those who want to be involved in multiplying disciples and faith communities. Most I have already read, and a few are on my “to read pile.”

I recently completed reading Multipliers: Leading Beyond Addition by Todd Wilson (Exponential.org). This book pulls together the best of the best from Exponential’s previous multiplication-focused books, while adding new content. It’s the anchor book for Exponential’s 2018 theme, “HeroMaker.” The book focuses on Multipliers like you and me who will lead the challenge from status-quo church with accumulation-based scorecards, to creating the vision for and culture of multiplication… of disciples who make disciples and of groups of disciples who gather in faith communities.

Multipliers challenges what we have long believed to be the definition of “successful” growing churches, and focuses our attention on what God sees as successful, namely the living out of the Great Commission – multiplying disciples, investing and releasing others. If you sense that you or your church may be “addicted to addition,” this book will help you envision the movement toward multiplication, and your personal part in that movement.

Multipliers is a free e-book, so you can download and read it – cost is not an obstacle. What’s stopping you?

Here’s My Partial List

I pray that this partial reading list of excellent books will shape and sharpen your church multiplication thinking. While I assembled this list from books at my fingertips, there are hundreds of other good and great books on these and related topics. Which ones would you add?


Joining Jesus on His Mission: How to be an Everyday Missionary. Greg Finke. 2014.

Joining Jesus Show Me How: How to Disciple Everyday Missionaries. Greg Finke. 2017.

No Silver Bullets: 5 Small Shifts that will Transform Your Ministry. Daniel Im. 2017

Becoming a Disciple Maker: The Pursuit of Level 5 Disciple Making. Bobby Harrington & Greg Wiens. 2017. (See discipleship.org for many free e-books and resources)

Loved and Sent: How Two Words Define Who You Are. Jeff Cloeter. 2016.

Kingdom Come. Reggie McNeal. 2015

Speaking of Jesus: The Art of Non-Evangelism. Carl Medearis. 2011.

Building a Discipling Culture. How to Release a Missional Movement by Discipling People Like Jesus Did. Mike Breen. 2011.

Church Planting

Apostolic Church Planting: Birthing New Churches From New Believers. J.D. Payne. 2015.

The Church as Movement: Starting and Sustaining Missional-Incarnational Communities. J.R. Woodward and Dan White Jr. 2016.

How To Multiply Your Church: The Most Effective Way to Grow. Ralph Moore. 2009.

Gospel DNA: Five Markers of a Flourishing Church. Michael Newman. 2016.

Church Unique: How Missional Leaders Cast Vision, Capture Culture, and Create Movement. Will Mancini. 2008.

Pray What You See: A Five Week Prayerwalk Challenge. Chris Paavola. 2015.

Center Church: Doing Balanced, Gospel-Centered Ministry in Your Community. Timothy Keller. 2012.

MANY FREE e-Books at exponential.org – These are especially recommended:

·  Spark: Igniting a Culture of Multiplication. Todd Wilson. 2014

·  Becoming a Level 5ive Multiplying Church. Todd Wilson. 2015.

·  Dream Big, Plan Smart: Finding Your Pathway to Level Five Multiplication. Todd Wilson. 2016

·  Dream Big Workbook. Will Mancini. 2016

·  Dream Big Questions. Todd Wilson. 2016

·  Multipliers: Leading Beyond Addition. Todd Wilson. 2017

Exegete Your Culture: 10 Checkpoints for Knowing and Reaching Your Culture. Ed Stetzer. 2016. (e-book)

Planting Missional Churches: Your Guide to Starting Churches that Multiply. Ed Stetzer and Daniel Im. 2016.

Seven Creative Models for Community Ministry. Joy Skjegstad. 2013.

Starting a Nonprofit at Your Church. Joy Skjegstad. 2002.


Small Town Jesus:Taking the Gospel Mission Seriously in Seemingly Unimportant Places. Donnie Griggs. 2016

Rural Revival:Growing Churches in Shrinking Communities. W. Scott Moore. 2012

Transforming Church in Rural America: Breaking all the Rurals. Shannon O’Dell. 2010.

Priesthood of All Believers

The Apostolic Church: One, Holy, Catholic, and Missionary. Robert Scudieri. 1996.

The Role of the Laity in Gospel Communication. Eugene Bunkowske and Paul Mueller, eds. 1992.

The Ministry of Expansion: The Priesthood of the Laity. Roland Allen. J.D. Payne, ed. 2017.

5Q: Reactivating the Original Intelligence and Capacity of the Body of Christ. Alan Hirsch. 2017.


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