Tremendous Coaching Triads

By Eric Wenger   |   April 1, 2018

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them” (Matthew 18:20, NIV).

It was the early 2000s when a new practical application of Matthew 18:20 came to light in my life.  It specifically related to three people gathering together in Christ’s name.  We were training Life Group Leaders, and the facilitator asked us to get into triads for practice coaching.  The approach made so much sense to me that I started using it immediately.      

In the years to come, I began training for church planting and coaching with the Center for United States Missions (C4USM).  Guess what?  C4USM used coaching triads, too.  My experience with coaching triads through C4USM cemented their value for me.  I continue to use triads in the local parish, in coach training, in mission coaching, and in church planter training. 

I have made it pretty clear that I like coaching triads.  You may be wondering if I’m going to tell you how they can be helpful to you.  I’m getting around to that right now.

Three coaching triad approaches have become my favorites.  First, pray in triads.  Simply gather three people and make sure every person prays and is prayed for.  Second, have two people work in tandem to coach the third person.  Change roles so that everyone has an opportunity to be coached by the other two.  Third, rotate coachee, coach, and observer for three rounds so that each person fulfills all three roles.  Save about five minutes after each round to hear insights from the perspective of every person.

I have led coaching triads for twenty minutes to one hundred twenty minutes.  Sixty minutes has become a sweet spot.  I encourage you to experiment with the three approaches and timeframes that I mentioned as well as invent other creative coaching triads.  You will get to discover the power of tremendous coaching triads.

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Joy in Jesus!


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Questions for Discussion

1.  What stands out to you about the coaching triads that I mentioned?

2.  What is your experience with coaching triads?

3.  How can you integrate coaching triads into your mission training process?

Resources You Can Use.

A good read: “Coaching Questions: A Coach's Guide to Powerful Asking Skills” by Tony Stoltzfus.


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