Getting Effective

Know it Better

1. Demographic Resources (What Kind of Fish are in Your Pond?)

  • Online at
  • Many regional judicatories can provide free demographic studies utilizing one of the following resources:
    • iMark
    • Claritas
    • Percept
  • Center for United States Missions can provide you with demographic studies (iMark) for $50.00. Contact the Center at 949-854-8002 x1780 to order
  • Local public school offices also have excellent demographic information available upon request

2. Planning Guide - Learning your community (Ethnographics)

  • Take a neighborhood walk 
  • Visit local businesses 
  • Meet with and interview community leaders
  • Contact your local Chamber of Commerce for their insights
  • Hold focus groups to discuss the community 
  • Speak with other pastors/churches

3. Service Guide – Identify how your congregation can connect with and serve the community, becoming a community center

  • Contact local social service agencies
  • Contact local public schools
  • Contact local government officials/agencies
  • Hold focus groups to discuss community needs
  • Interview local social service officials

Share ideas with other congregations 

1. Contact your regional judicatory for referrals to congregations who are reaching out in creative and meaningful ways.

2. Ask a congregation experienced in outreach to mentor your congregation. SeeCongregational Models.

Determine models needed to reach new people 

What kind of congregation do we need to be to reach new people?

Things to consider:

  • Worship style
  • Staffing needs
  • Fishing Pool events 
    • Events that meet needs
    • Events that attract
  • Ministry programming
  • Cultural relevancy
  • Revitalization and Refocusing
  • Site considerations * 
  • Congregational considerations *

Checking Your Church from a Visitor's Perspective

* The PowerPoint presentation "How to Make Your Church People-Friendly" is a good resource to help evaluate these needs.