Understanding Today's Emerging Culture

These resources contain excellent information and tools for understanding today’s emerging culture and for reaching people of this culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The theology of these resources is not necessarily endorsed.

Emerging Culture Curriculum Kit

The Emerging Culture Curriculum Kit designed by Jimmy Long takes a group through six experiential modules that explore, analyze and define the emerging culture. More than that, it will help you shape your ministry for the rest of the twenty-first century.

Intervarsity Evangelism

Useful resources with practical application. One interesting strategy, below, focuses on GIG’s (Groups Investigating God), a relational approach that allows small groups to explore questions about God.


Church consultants Bill Easum and Tom Bandy have important understandings of the emerging culture of the 21st century and how the church can be effective in reaching people during this time. Free resources are available, as well as levels of membership that may be purchased.


This is an excellent site to explore what the emerging culture and generations are all about. The website describes itself in this way: "you are about to ‘cross the line.’  when you do, you will find yourself in a safe place to explore your faith in connection to culture.  we are an emerging/postmodern site exploring what it means to be a follower of the jesus in today's world.  it is in that exploring that we seek not to give you a set of directions, but rather a compass and a map.  we strive to place our faith in our lives, 24/7 and are hyper linked to the organic; we are connective, missional and relational.  our desire is to move in the conversation and be a voice, but not dominate the conversation and become the only voice.  we are striving hard to be a people of great action where ‘faith’ is a verb and we do this by getting out and past our comfort zones and into the world around us.  so, come on in and cross the line.”


Leonard Sweet is one of the preeminent voices on Post-modernism. The articles and links on his website are helpful in exploring the emerging generation and culture.

Christian Communication Network

This satellite training ministry charges an annual subscription for cross-denominational training in numerous areas of church health and outreach. Subscribers may record the training to build a resource library for their church.


The articles, blogs, forums, links and resources on this site help individuals and church leaders get a handle on the emerging culture and how to be effective in outreach in this emerging culture. The site describes itself: “TheOOZE is a website dedicated to the emerging Church culture, and organizes the premiere annual event for this audience, called Soularize. Over the past six years, TheOOZE has developed a community that captures the ethos of the emerging Church movement. Our site and events hold the tensions between creativity and information, theologians and artists, traditional and new voices.”

The Emerging Church Culture Cafe

Lots of resources and links worth exploring, especially the links under the web-based resources section.

Re-Your Life

This site is structured around the way the emerging culture thinks, processes information and interacts. It invites participants to explore their lives and Jesus in various ways. Featuring articles, videos, book resources, Bible resources and forums, and presented by Lutheran Hour Ministries, it describes itself as follows:

“RE-YourLife is an online community that encourages people to re-flect on the realities of everyday life and the human experience. We believe that when we honestly re-flect we'll come to a place where we're challenged to re-think life and seek something of greater value than what we by nature believe to be true. For us at RE-YourLife, this has caused us to re-think Jesus. As we re-think who He is, what He taught, and most importantly what He did, we are compelled to re-focus our lives in a way that glorifies Him.”