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Anchored to the Rock; Geared to the Timesby Michelle Connor

Breaking the Mission Field Code, by Mike Ruhl

Conversations of Hope and Grace, by Glenn Lucas
Cultural Distance in Congregations, by Mike Ruhl

Dancing of the Offerings, by Mike Zehnder
Developing an Outreach Mindset, by Ken Behnken

Energizing for Evangelism, by Michelle Connor
Expecting to Change the World, by Mike Ruhl
Evangelism in the New Church Plant, by Paul Mueller
Evangelism-Resistant Church, The by Mike Ruhl

A Failure to Plan is a Plan for Failure, by Glenn Lucas
Friends: Natural Networks for Engaging Evangelismby Mike Ruhl
Friendship Ablaze!

Handling 'Door-knockers' in a Christian Manner, by Marty Brauer
Healthy Habits That Support Outreach, by Mike Ruhl
Help, Hope and Home, by Glenn Lucas
How About the Dechurched?, by Ken Behnken

Impressed?, by Glenn Lucas
It's Not Just for Kids Anymore, by Earl Pierce

Jump Into Mission, by Mike Ruhl

Kingdom Yeast in Daily Life, by Mark Press
Kingdom Yeast: Agitation and Transformation, by Steve Henderson

Men and Church, by Kevin Kosberg
Mission Enhancement, by Mike Ruhl
Missionary Insights: Getting a New View from the Pew, by Michelle Connor
Mystical Link between Incarnation and Missions, The, by Mike Ruhl

New Ways to Tell the Story, by Ken Behnken

Ostrich Evangelism, by Mike Ruhl

Saints as Sent Ones - Apostolic Living in the Missional Congregation, by Mike Ruhl
Sandwich is for the Road, The, by Mike Ruhl
Singled Out, by Michelle Connor

Targeted Evangelism, by Kevin Wilson

Ways to Reach the Spiritually Lostby Ken Behnken
Welcoming Guests Well, by Glenn Lucas; article
Welcoming Guests Well, by Michelle Erickson; article
Who are We Trying to Reach?, by Ken Behnken
Who's There?by Glenn Lucas