This two-day training is designed to equip church planters and District mission executives to understand and lead the spiritual and numerical growth of a newly planted (or re-planted) church.

Best Practices

Missiologists agree that when a new church plant is not growing, the underlying causes are more a matter of a systems problem than a people problem. Even as the human body has a number of 'body-life systems' that keep it healthy and growing (circulatory, digestive, endocrine, immune, respiratory, reproductive etc.), so the new church, the Body of Christ, has seven 'body-life systems' which interact with and support the God-given health and growth of the new church (outreach, assimilation, worship planning, spiritual growth, pastoral care, ministry placement and generosity).

This course will explore 'best practices' for each of these 'new church body-life systems,' facilitate the evaluation of these current systems in the new church plant, and provide an interactive framework for assessment, envisioning and goal-setting in each of these critical systems.

Training Modules

Some of the practical modules in the Growing New Churches training include:

  • Twelve Missiological Principles Applied to the Post Launch Growth of the New Church

  • Ministry Leadership Skills for the Six Phases for Growing New Churches

  • How Church Size Impacts Church Ministry

  • Evaluating Your Church's Body-Life (Ministry) Systems

  • Pastoral Transitions in New Churches

  • Understanding and Implementing the Seven 'Body Life Systems' of the New Church

  • Dealing with Difficult People

  • Time Management in the New Church Plant

  • Dealing with Discouragement

  • Preparing to Reproduce

Participants receive a detailed GNC Workbook for exploration of concepts, note-taking, assessment of current body-life systems and development of a Ministry Systems MAP for guided implementation in the home church plant or re-plant.

Rev. Dr. Peter Meier, Executive Director of the Center, is a certified Church Planter Coach and Mentor. He leads this interactive training which is designed to (1) Provide a clear VISION of what God wants to accomplish through you when planting (or re-planting) the new churches (2) Guide the church planter in preparing a church-culture specific PLAN to fulfill that vision and (3) Facilitate the preparation of a new church plant IMPLEMENTATION PLAN of goals and action-steps which supports the God-given and God-intended spiritual and numerical growth of the new church plant (or re-plant).

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