Policies & Costs to Hosting a Training Seminar

Our seminars are scheduled when requested by a sponsoring party (Synod, Congregation or District) as they see a need. The requesting individual or group is then the host for the seminar.

C4USM Provides

The Center provides the presenter and the materials. The host in consultation provides publicity, facilities, food, and all other arrangements. The host in consultation with the Center for U.S. Missions also sets and collects the registration fees, keeping any excess funds. The host invites other congregations, having as many people present as desired.

What is Charged to the Sponsor

  • A deposit, applied to the overall charge. The deposit amount varies based on seminar.
  • A per day training fee with discounts for partner districts (clickhere for a list of partner districts or call 952-221-0362 for the most up-to-date list). The fee may be adjusted when an outside presenter is used.
  • A per-person cost for materials. The number of people attending is required two weeks before the seminar date.
  • (A per-congregation cost for materials depending on seminar).
  • Presenter travel costs (airfare, lodging, meals, etc.).


We include your training in our newsletters and other publicity, but the most effective publicity is local and personal, particularly, personal invitations to contacts in area congregations. Most of our trainings help churches in all Christian denominations. We can provide a one-page publicity flyer if you wish.


Seminars are enhanced when participants eat lunch together. The host decides whether to provide other meals or have participants "on their own." It is customary to provide beverages and snacks in the morning and mid-afternoon. An individual or a group in the church might enjoy preparing meals and snacks. Contact the Center for U.S. Missions for recommendations.

Seminars Available

The length of each seminar varies. We invite you to discuss your needs with us. Most seminars can be expanded and/or combined for your situation. Some can be condensed for shorter time periods.

Alphabetical Listing of Seminars Available

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