Grow in Sharing the Good News

All studies of effective outreach congregations continue to show that God uses families and friends to touch the lives of people with the Gospel.

This series of five Bible studies shares a practical, step-by-step way God’s people can grow in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ in their daily lives and friendships. We believe the Holy Spirit wants to set our friendships Ablaze! with the power of His presence and the love and hope of Jesus.

These Friendship Ablaze! Bible studies are adapted from studies written by Pastor Stephen Wagner for a Friendship Celebration packet produced by the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod’s Evangelism department. We thank Pastor Wagner for graciously allowing us to continue to use this study to equip God’s people to set their friendships Ablaze! with Gospel power.

5 Friendship Ablaze! Bible Studies

1. Getting Ready for Friendship Ablaze!

2. Friendship Ablaze! Prays  

3. Friendship Ablaze! Reaches Out 

4. Friendship Ablaze! Has a Message 

5. Friendship Ablaze! Does Unsolicited Acts of Kindness 

May God graciously bless all of us as we seek to grow in Friendship Ablaze!