On Spiritual Gifts

The Three Colors of Ministry by Christian Schwarz. A Trinitarian approach to identifying and developing your spiritual gifts; compatible with Natural Church Development.

Also in this series by Christian Schwarz:
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        How to Study the 3 Colors of Ministry in Your Small Group
        How to Use the 3 Colors of Ministry in a Mentoring Relationship

Trenton Spiritual Gift Analysis – A spiritual gifts system for definition and self-assessment; originally developed for use in an outreach-focused Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod congregation.  

See also the links under “Mobilizing Members for Mission” at the Center for U.S. Missions.

On Small Groups

Groups Ablaze! centers on using small groups as outreach tools. It was developed from (SG)2, Strategic Growth Through Small Groups, by Dwight Marable, and has proven effective in many congregation. The training teaches group leaders how to lead groups to effectively reach out to the unchurched. 

Congregational Models

In recent years, the President’s Office of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod has held “Igniting Congregation” events, bringing together congregations who have been effective in reaching the unchurched. Congregations were identified in various categories: increasing number of adult confirmations, increasing worship attendance, increasing worship attendance in non-metro areas, etc. Lists of these congregations, and information gathered from them, is available on the internet. Each category on the page at this link leads to another page, on which there is a link listing the participating congregations. Use the above link to explore the many pages of information and ideas from these congregations.

Prospect Keeper

Prospect Keeper is a free software program, written by an LCMS pastor, which tracks prospects and their follow-up.