Three Areas of Service

The Center for U.S. Missions offers an abundance of services to give your ministry a renewed desire to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



Study Biblical principles, learn strategies, train leaders, develop networks, and find resources that will give new life and excitement to your ministry. 


Mobilizing the Mission

Creating a Culture for Church Multiplication

Church Planting is the result of carrying out the Great Commission as new disciples are brought into a community of faith, having been taught all that Christ has commanded them. This one-day "Church Planting Introduction" focuses on the urgency and need for church multiplication, as well as basic principles of new church reproduction.



Churches Planting Churches

Church Multiplication Training for Sponsor Churches


Most intentional new starts are daughter church plants or multi-site plants or new gospel outreach ministries, sponsored by local congregations and/or circuits. We provide high-quality training for established congregations, empowering those courageous congregations to give birth to daughter and or multi-site churches and/or new ministries with Biblically missional, and organizational integrity. This two day intensive seminar includes process time for teams to develop initial plans  for multiplication.


Church Planting Essentials

This is an intensive on-site training for church planters, which focuses on how to plant a new church and develop a Mission Initiation Plan for the new church. Church planters are encouraged to attend with their team.

Planting Missional Churches

Planting Missional Churches is a distance-learning course  for church planters, complete with a live Church Planter Mentor.

Growing New Churches

Growing New Churches is designed to equip church planters, pastors, and mission leaders to understand and lead the spiritual and numerical growth of a newly planted church (years 2-5) or replant. The course focuses on systems development, evaluation, and goal-setting to facilitate preparation of a context specific implementation plan.

Mentoring Church Planters


Mentoring Church Planters is delivered either as a distance-learning course, or as a two-day intensive training for missional leaders to equip Church Planter Mentors to provide Planters with modeling, close supervision on special projects, individualized help in discipline, encouragement, correction, confrontation, and a calling to accountability.



We are dedicated to the call of God in making it possible for every LCMS church planter, missional pastor and missional leader to have a competent and committed mission coach available to come alongside them.



Mission Coach Certification Training


C4USM provides training, mentoring, and certification for Church Planter Coach Candidates. This can result in a network of certified church planter coaches in a geographic area. On-site training, a six month mentoring internship, and completion of a coaching portfolio is provided.


Church Planter Coaching


C4USM helps church planters maximize their efforts through quality coaching. Coaching is provided by a certified coach who is part of our coaching network, leveraging digital technology.


The C4USM Assessment Center helps a potential church planter process and recognize their possible suitability as a church planter.



Church Planter Assessment Center


C4USM provides indigenous CPACs at a location chosen by sponsoring partners. The CPAC stimulates identification and assessment of appropriately gifted church planters who are eligible to serve as Lead Church Planters in one or more church plants. Planter and spouse participate in this event as a team.



Personalized Church Planter Assessment