Sharing your Faith as a Public School Teacher

Lutheran public school teachers suggest the following ways to share faith while teaching in our public school system:

  • Always pray for students and families, especially when they are in crisis.
  • Habitually use God-related speech; for example, say “God Bless You” when a student sneezes.
  • When teaching history, note people and events that relate to Christian teachings, such as Abraham Lincoln’s view on post Civil War reconciliation, the Constitution’s references to God, etc.
  • Wear seasonal accessories that accent the church calendar. During Lent wear a nail on a cord, during Advent wear an angel, etc.
  • When discussing classroom policies early in the year, set high standards and explain your philosophy as to why these rules exist. (i.e. language in the room)
  • Encourage and promote kindness, compassion, and sharing by establishing a way to recognize and reward those behaviors.
  • Look at current topics in your school district and discuss your view on schools not promoting any sexual activity instead of a particular form of activity.
  • Invite congregation members with interesting careers to speak to your students about their career and how their faith plays into it. Vocational educational is encouraged, so invite a Christian to participate. Pray that as students ask questions, God would provide opportunities for the speakers to share their faith.
  • Post pictures on your walls from congregation mission trips. If you go on trips, put pictures into classroom presentations, thus opening the door to discuss where you went and what you did (i.e. geography class).