Steps for Candidates

  1. Candidates complete the Church Planter Profiles
  2. Candidates and Spouses complete a series of assessment tools in advance of attending the CPAC.  Note: When a candidate is married both the candidate and spouse must attend the CPAC. No children, please.
  3. One assessor is appointed to interview the church planter candidate and his/her spouse.
  4. Participants receive a one hour personal interview with a licensed Christian counselor.
  5. Candidates engage in "real life" activities (faith-sharing, two 5-minutes "stand up" sermons, etc.) which give insight into church planting giftedness and capacity.
  6. Sponsor organizations and candidates receive a report of church planting capacity for the planter candidate.
  7. Candidates and spouses participate in Church Plant Team Projects as members of a launch team learning community and prepare a mission plan for a community.
  8. Candidates receive "peer evaluations" by other planters.
  9. Assessors review assessment material, interviews, work, and interaction during the CPAC event and make a recommendation concerning the fitness of the candidate to successfully plant.
  10. Candidate receives an exit interview and personal assessment report.
  11. Sponsoring agency receives a follow-up report.