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Week Four Message

Jesus Chose You

Scripture Reference: John 15: 15-16, I no longer call you servants, because a master doesn’t confide in his servants. Now you are my friends, since I have told you everything the Father told me. You didn’t choose Me. I chose you. (Kids’ Life Application Bible NLT)

Goal: Jesus chooses us to be His friends. He offers a gift of salvation and desires us to accept His gift and become His friends.

Materials: Bible, examples of friendship bracelets from your childhood (made of string, leather, etc.), one new bracelet for each child inscribed with “Jesus Chose You! John 15: 16” and made to emulate the “Live Strong” rubber bracelets (These can be made with colorful rubber bands or from craft foam sheets cut into strips and attached with glue or staples. They can be inscribed with glitter pens, paint pens or permanent markers.)


  1. Welcome: to the children’s message & Friendship Sunday
  2. Illustration Story: Tell a story about your example friendship bracelets. Explain how you got them, who gave them to you and what they mean to you. Connect these bracelets of the past to the newer rubber versions that exist today. Many children may be wearing a newer version of these bracelets. These new bracelets display statements or things that we value – that are important to us.
  3. Read: John 15: 15-16. Remember to show the children where it is located in the Bible.
  4. Explain: Often we choose our friends and who we give our friendship to. But with Jesus friendship is different. We can’t choose Him because He already chose us. In fact, He chooses all of us. He chose everyone in this room, in our community, in our country to be His friend. By dying on the cross and rising from the dead, it’s like Jesus made a friendship bracelet for each of us and now He holds it out for us to accept and become His friends.
  5. Take Home: Give a new bracelet to each child. Explain that the bracelets will remind them that Jesus chose them to be His friends. When they wear it and others read the inscription, the children can explain that Jesus desires to be their friend too. 
  6. Review: (Remember that many of the children today are guests and may not know the entire story of Jesus).When Jesus gave His life on the cross for us and rose again from the dead, He gave us the gift of forgiveness and eternal life. At this time, He chose us to be His friends and part of His family. His wish is that we accept His gift of forgiveness and become His friend so that we can live forever with Him in heaven.
  7. Pray: Remember to pray for the new visiting friends.