Children's Messages
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Week Three Message

Excited to Invite

Scripture Reference: John 1: 35-46, The First Disciples (Kids’ Life Application Bible NLT)

Goal: Let’s get excited about inviting our friends to meet our friend Jesus! The Bible shows us how the first disciples invited others to meet Jesus.

Materials: Bible, an object or thing you are “excited about” to show the children, Friendship Sunday Invitations customized for your church that the children can personalize and give to their friends, the life ring from Week 1 now labeled with a sign that reads “Find,” the planter or seed packet from week 2 now labeled with a sign that reads “Tell,” a box/bag containing the invitations which is labeled with a sign that reads “Show”

References: Adapted from an article in the Kids’ Life Application Bible NLT: “Do the Right Thing: How to Bring Others to Jesus” by Betsy Rossen Elliot and James C. Galvin (published by Tyndale House Publishers, 1998)


  1. Welcome to the children’s message.
  2. Review: Review or introduce what your church is planning for Friendship Sunday. When? Where? What?
  3. Illustration Story: Have you ever been so excited about something that you just can’t keep quiet? Do you have to tell everyone about that one thing (give examples). Choose an item you are enthusiastic about to share with the children. Tell them a little about how and why you are excited. (I brought my hermit crab, and then later I used his “hiding” as a negative example of how we should not act when we have the good news of Jesus Christ to share with our friends.)
  4. Explain: The first disciples were so excited about their new friend Jesus that they couldn’t wait to tell the people they loved and cared about. Andrew told Peter, his brother. Philip told Nathanial, his friend.
  5. Read: Parts of John 1: 35-46. Concentrate on the verses that convey the disciples excitement such as “Come and see,” or “We have found the very person Moses and the prophets wrote about!” Show the location of these verses in the Bible.
  6. Explain: Through these disciples we also can learn steps for sharing our excitement and our faith in Jesus Christ with others. These steps are to Find Others, to Tell Others and to Show Others.
  7. Review (using Sharing Faith Steps and labeled props from previous weeks)
    • Find: identify or find people who need to know that Jesus is their Life saver. Show the children the labeled life ring. 
    • Tell: keep sowing God’s word by telling those you have found about Jesus Christ and His gift of salvation. Show the children the labeled seed packet or planter.
    • Show: show those people how to get to know Jesus. Invite them to church or Bible study. Show the children the invitations.
  8. Take Home: Give each child at least one Friendship Sunday Invitation to give to the friends that they have been praying for. Explain how each child should personalize the invitations for their friends and invite them to come meet their friend Jesus.
  9. Pray: Remember to pray for Friendship Sunday and for all the friends that the children want to invite.